Commodity Trading Software

Gold Chart Analyst

Price : $3,000 *

(Prices are subject to change as per requirement)

As an evolution of the three automatic systems and as a result of our experience, Gold Systems Trading has created the new automatic GST Phoenix system designed to operate in three liquid markets: Commodities, Currencies and Indexes.


  • Risk limitation: The investor chooses how much of their capital will be guaranteed.
  • Based on the invested capital and the amount the investor wishes to guarantee, the GST system works out the operating volume and decides which of the three markets to operate in. The purpose is to spread the risk and optimise the possibilities of maximum returns, while seeking the best balance.
  • The system operates within specific parameters for each market.
  • The maximum number of open positions is limited according to the parity and the market.
  • The system operates with collective objectives.
  • It controls the risk to the investment by combining open positions with FIBO support and resistance levels, giving temporary counter-orders that provide security and solidity for the operation.
  • Compatible with MetaTrader 4 platform.