Maintenance Of Computer Systems And Networks

TRI INTERNATIONAL LLC Solutions is committed to providing the highest quality of Maintain service for every customer. Our primary focus is to meet the needs and exceed the expectations of our customers while providing cost-effective structured Systems and Network solutions.

Our Service

  • Install and Configure computer systems.
  • Diagnose softwear faluts and slove technicale and application problems.
  • Ensure the correct running and maintenance of IT systems.
  • Test and evaluate new technology.
  • Plan and Undertake scheduled maintenance upgrades.
  • Make sure that date is being stored and that a back-up update is being done regularly.
  • Troubleshoot system and network problems.
  • Setup with fortinet devices.
  • Rackspace server setup and deployment.
  • FIX protocol bridge engine development.
  • Server and database load balancing deployment.
  • The Service Provider shall provide the following services to the Company with resonable skill and care in a timely manner: